Principles, developed and operated by Meine Lieblings GmbH, Braunschweig, hereinafter known as „the Company“, is a global ad-serving network service which allows advertisers to place their advertising materials on participating websites.

Protection of users is a high priority and the reason why we have implemented several safeguards:

Content of advertising materials

Even though the Company is not responsible for validity, completeness, correctness or for purpose of use of advertisers’ materials, the Company still takes protective measures to ensure that the advertisers’ materials are scanned daily for malware, viruses, or spam.

Legal compliance

In order to reduce fraud or illegal activity, all advertisers and publishers must agree to comply with the Company’s terms of services as outlined on this site before using the service. The terms of service prohibit illegal activities such as:

  • Child pornography;
  • Contents which lead to or are the consequence of exploitation or abuse of others;
  • Sexual conduct with animals;Attacking, violent, discriminatory content;
  • A photograph or image of a person without his/her consent;
  • Criminal offences, such as circulation and/or use of illegal drugs;
  • Spyware, Scareware, Stealth Dialers and other illegal software;
  • Illegal activities such as SPAM, SPIM, Phishing, URL spoofing.

The Company can refuse an advert if it becomes aware that it constitutes one of the above-mentioned activities. However, advertisers still remain solely responsible for the content of their offerings and the Company cannot always guarantee that the service will not be misused.


The users’ data is used exclusively in connection with the advertisers’ offer.